Meet Doos

A team of creative specialists in architecture and interior design from around the world.

We design experiences with experience

Doos Architects is the sum of the ideas of a highly talented team of interior designers and architects who together have many diversified years of experience.

        Doos is a mid-size, hard-working firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. Established in 2003, we hit the ground running with our clients – and have a direct approach to finding contemporary and impeccably designed solutions to our clients’ needs.

Our outstanding client base and growing network

With 20 years of experience, Doos is leading the way in hotel construction, architecture, and design as well as client and guest satisfaction.

        Our collaboration with among others Scandic, Radisson, Hilton, Stena, Holiday Inn and a long row of boutique clients makes us one of the leading architectural studios to transform hotel exteriors and interiors to fit our clients’ needs as well as the immediate environment.

Free thinking
and enthusiastic design

From interior design to the international hotel world ‐ Doos Architects delivers first class contemporary and conceptual hotel design.

        Doos is along for the entire design process – from graphic design to unique product design. From being the go-to for interiors, Doos is sharpening its construction portfolio and expanding collaboration with major stakeholders in the hotel industry all over Europe.

Your strategy –
our planning process

Our clients renovate, re-build and re-design existing and brand new hotel facilities all over Europe and look to Doos for complete and distinct concepts within existing environments. Most of our clients’ briefs include interiors as well as exteriors and require Doos to be involved in the entire planning process. We design food and beverage areas, leisure facilities, conference and banquet rooms, design landscaping and develop conceptual branding for restaurants and bars with unique one-off product designs.

The end results are hotels which excite locals and guests alike and which take full advantage of the immediate surroundings and environment.

We find beauty in unique design ideas

Doos has a total service approach, tailored to each client’s individual needs and ideas. We believe in researching all aspects of our clients’ ideas in order to deliver the best and truest product – from wall lamp to lobby bar. A strategic approach means we keep our client involved, informed and enthusiastic at every level in the Doos process to deliver design excellence.

Doos understands how our customers run their businesses and how their specific brand awareness is important to the design process.

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